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At the Brooklands Hotel, we believe that your event represents you.

That's why we understand that your meeting should be as unique as your company, your event as impressive as your product or your special occasion full of your personality. So, our aim is to simply 'MAKE IT PERSONAL'.

With nine contemporary meeting and event rooms that can cater for up to 220 people and a dedicated team on hand to personally ensure your event is a success and unique to you, we offer great choice and flexibility for any event or banquet. Whether you are launching a product, hosting an intimate dinner or looking for somewhere to hold a special occasion with your friends and family, we'll make your event work for you.

We also have ALICE, our exclusive app that gives you access to a Brooklands personal assistant who is on call at all times. The app means you can order food, drinks or stationery with a few taps of your smart phone or tablet – without interrupting your meeting or event.

As a thank you for considering the Brooklands Hotel, every enquiry made, until the 31st December 2016, will receive a Personal Perk. Plus, all contracted bookings*, for events that take place at the Brooklands Hotel before the 31st March 2017, will receive a Personal Perk; with overnight stays and upgrades at the hotel, Mercedes-Benz World driving experiences, Black Card annual memberships, six-course taster menu experiences, £500 of Brooklands Hotel vouchers and a trip to Strasbourg for two people, including Eurostar tickets, up for grabs.

Marco Gervasoni - General Manager

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Some of our happy customers

Trinity Event Solutions

Working with the Brooklands Hotel is really working with an empowered professional team and venue. The team really are knowledgeable and intuitive truly adding value to the proposition. They offer a creative approach to each event with a real attention to detail on logistics with a can do positive attitude.

Our clients feedback has been excellent food, inspiring surroundings supported by a creative and positive well trained team. A very easy hotel to work with where nothing is too much trouble, excellent facilities and great food options.

Jacqui - Trinity Event Solutions

Axial System

Axial Systems recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary holding a black tie function at Brooklands Hotel. From inception through to final execution the staff at Brooklands could not have been more helpful or accommodating. No request was too big or too small, all of which went a long way in helping to make the function a resounding success.

Liz Kotze, Marketing Manager, Axial Systems.


Based upon our experience at the Brooklands Hotel I would have no hesitation in recommending this venue to others and certainly plan to hold future events there. Excellent facilities and the friendly staff provided a stress free and enjoyable event from start to finish.


Outsourced Events

Outsourced Events used Brooklands Hotel for one of their clients gala dinners. The staff were brilliant; everyone was incredibly helpful, efficient and professional at all times. Brooklands Hotel perfectly complemented our requirements and I would recommend the hotel to anyone looking for a high quality venue with service to match.

Outsourced Events

OKI Systems UK Ltd

OKI used Brooklands to launch our new range of innovative products. The venue, decor and facilities perfectly complimented our requirements. The staff throughout where very professional, friendly and efficient to meet our requirements.

I would highly recommend Brooklands to anyone looking for a venue that has flexible space, is modern yet understated and pays attention to every detail.


Amazon - The two-pizza rule

Size matters. At Amazon, meetings are always apparently small enough that two pizzas can feed everyone present. This ensures that nobody is invited for the sake of being invited, and makes collaboration and decisions easier.

Apple - Assign a DRI

Apple is big on making sure no one is confused about who is responsible for what. They often assign a “DRI,” or directly responsible individual to each task assigned in a meeting. A common phrase heard around Apple’s office is:

“Who’s the DRI on that?”

If you want accountability, you need one person responsible for each task. You’ll never have to ask what actually got accomplished in your meetings. Don’t just talk about a decision, put the next steps in place before the meeting ends and assign someone!

Yahoo - Meetings come second, or now

A famous senior decision maker at Yahoo who now works for Google said that decisions should never wait for a meeting. Otherwise, the velocity of the company is slowed to it’s meeting schedule. If a meeting needs to happen for something to get done, hold the meeting now, and get that decision made.

Microsoft – Play in a sandbox

At Microsoft they first choose a chairperson, who explains where he expects participants to focus their attention, creating the ‘sandbox’ where everyone plays. They create confrontation by saying things like, “How is this relevant to our current discussion,” thus keeping everyone playing in the same sandbox. They also start with the “bad” stuff, to give room for creative tension, and make something happen.

Virgin – Get out now

Richard Branson holds discussions in innovative spaces. You may not possess your own private island like Branson, but he suggests that anyone can leave the desks behind and head out to the park, because a ”change of scenery and a bit of fun does wonders for getting people thinking differently and loosening up!”

Newsala - Don't squander youth

At this media company, they believe that there is great value in the opinions of junior colleagues. Invite them to meetings and solicit their feedback because of their closeness to the street (and your customers). They’re often working for you because they're a fan of the industry and are up on the latest, yet-to-be-reported trends too. They tend not to be clouded by what other people think is not possible either.

American Express - Say it in 5 words

The VP here suggests asking the question “What exactly are we meeting about?” He suggests a Twitter-like hack - start your meeting by asking each person to articulate in five words or less the problem to be solved. If the answers are inconsistent or too long, your attendees are probably not focused on the same problem. By clearly articulating the issue you will ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Catalyst – Press pause

Catalyst, a group of young Christian leaders in the South, places an emphasis on keeping meetings positive and loose. One example of which is to take a break every 30 minutes. If your meeting must last longer than a half hour, make sure attendees can get up, walk out of the room and put their brain on pause.

Google - Create a big boss

VP of Business Operations at the ‘Big G’ says all meetings should have a clear decision maker. Gil credits this approach to helping the Google+ team ship over 100 new features in the 90 days after launch.

Reily - Get off your butt

This New Orleans-based food and beverage company was profiled in the book Good Boss, Bad Boss. The company utilises “stand up” meetings. Schedule the meetings for the same time. Keeping employees in a rhythm allows them to not have their work unexpectedly disrupted.

The stand up is to communicate, not solve. If your team has a regularly planned stand up meeting, “lack of communication” is no longer an excuse for problems.

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